What burst out of this man’s golf-sized cyst will shock you

I am quite used to seeing people pop their pimples and small cysts online, but I was not prepared to witness this one.

Watch as Dr. Gilmore attempts to remove a cyst that’s as big as a golf ball. Worse, it was located in his patient’s scalp.A strange cyst of the size of a golf ball.

A strange cyst of the size of a golf ball. Dr. John Gilmore from Houston, Texas has always paid great attention to the massive cyst on this patient’s head for four years.

The patient was ashamed. His patient was nicknamed Grover and had to travel about 250 miles just to see the doctor.

Time for change. Dr. Gilmore observed that it would only develop as time goes on, so its immediate removal was the only option.

Working as a pilot. Grover is a pilot, and he did not need this strange lump in his head.

Incredible removal. The doctor indicated that it was the biggest every cyst he has ever removed in someone’s scalp.

What was inside? Simply, I could not handle looking at the cyst that had existed in his patient’s head for years.

Dr. Gilmore was ready for the consequences. The doctor knew that the cyst could burst and hit him, but he noted that it was simply part of his job.

A successful operation. Hopefully, Grover won’t ever have to deal with such a physical problem again.