Two year old broken clavicle, six surgeries

A bone infection, also called osteomyelitis, can result when bacteria or fungi invade a bone.

In children, bone infections most commonly occur in the long bones of the arms and legs. In adults, they usually appear in the hips, spine, and feet.

Bone infections can happen suddenly or develop over a long period of time. If they’re not properly treated, bone infections can leave a bone permanently damaged.

Many organisms, most commonly Staphylococcus aureus, travel through the bloodstream and can cause a bone infection. An infection may begin in one area of the body and spread to the bones via the blood stream.

Organisms that invade a severe injury, deep cut, or wound can also cause infections in nearby bones. Bacteria can enter your system at a surgical site, such as the site of a hip replacement or bone fracture repair. When your bone breaks, bacteria can invade the bone, leading to osteomyelitis.

The most common cause of bone infections is S. aureus bacteria. These bacteria commonly appear on the skin but don’t always cause health problems. However, the bacteria can overpower an immune system that’s weakened by disease and illness. These bacteria can also cause infections in injured areas.

What are the symptoms?

Usually, the first symptom to appear is pain at the infection site. Other common symptoms are:

  • fever and chills
  • redness in the infected area
  • irritability or generally feeling unwell
  • drainage from the area
  • swelling in the affected area
  • stiffness or inability to use an affected limb
  • In the Video below you will watch a guy who has an infection from a broken clavicle.

This is what he says on his youtube channel :

“Broken left clavicle in January of 2015. Been rough going for the last few years but its actually getting better (don’t think you can tell that from the video though.) Just trust me, its been worse… Two year old broken clavicle – six surgeries, two plates, twelve screws, two PICC lines, three silver nitrate cauterization attempts, and a never-ending infection. This is the fun part.

Went to the doc about two weeks ago to have this guy professionally drained. Blood work confirms yet another staph infection. At least its not MRSA this time. Got medicine. Also got a $400 bill (after insurance) and since I’m a two year expert on the matter, we’re just going to do this ourselves this time.

It proceeds to drain until healed and only balloons once it heals over and until I pop him open again. Healed over three days ago and I decided to wait it out to see if the swelling and liquid would stop. Cue the video you’re watching. Is it a cyst? A pimple? No, this is VESUVIUS.

We have here a never ending circle of hell. The medicine will get all the bad stuff out of my body except what is formed as a microscopic bio-film on the titanium metal plates. Plates can’t come out until the bone heals. Bone won’t heal properly until the infection is gone. Infection won’t leave until the plates do.”