This Might Be The Worst Pimple Popping

There are few people that are brave enough to deal with the gross things that can grow under our skin. A loved one will sometimes help out with popping hard to reach areas, but for the most part a lot of people are too grossed out to go about popping stuff on other people’s bodies.

Then, there are the people who love it and even make a career out of it! One of these people is dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee also known on her youtube channel as Dr. Pimple Popper. She now has some serious competition though in the form of Dr. Tess!

Dr. Tess also has her own youtube channel where she posts all her popping videos, and her youtube channels gives her the title of ‘America’s Favourite Dermatologist’. She is now a big contender for America’s favourite popper because of the latest video she has posted.A lot of popping videos are the same, and everyone knows what to expect. This one is a little more extreme, and actually made everyone in the room gasp because it was so unexpected. It is hard to put up a popping video that will shock seasoned popping viewers but this one will!Dr. Tess pulls the plug out first and shows the camera what it looks like while someone in the background confirms that it is the plug.