This Boy Had Huge Eye Cyst

Pimples have occurred to everyone and we seem to get rid of it after a few days but there are a few cases in which the subject has had pimples from a long time and was unable to find a cure for it. This huge pimple might scare some of you but will also make you aware about pimples.

This is the gruesome moment a doctor burst a giant cyst covering a little boy’s eye.The child was admitted to hospital in Sonsonante, El Salvador, in February with a slow-growing inflammation on his eye duct, known as a chalazion.The lump had become so big it completely blocked his left eye.

Most cysts fade over time.If not, the only way to treat it is to cut an incision and squeeze out the fluid.

In a graphic video, Dr Alberto Cota demonstrated exactly how this is done.

Have a look at this huge pimple and how it was popped.

The cyst was huuuuuugggggeeeee…

When it was popped, a lot of pus came out of it.

The child, who was not named, is seen in the video lying on a hospital bed.Dr Cota tells him to stay calm as he takes a scalpel and slashes an opening on the cyst towards the boy’s forehead.Immediately, yellow pus begins to pour onto the floor.When it stops, Dr Cota has to aid it along, squeezing the cyst as the child moans in pain and blood starts pouring out.

The pus cntinued to come…

Eye cysts are incredibly common around the world, though they typically affect people between the ages of 30 and 50.They are caused by an obstruction in the eye ducts, meaning oil from the eye is not being drained away.It can be brought on by skin conditions like rosacea, though there have been many isolated cases.

At first it can feel like a small bead.

The boy had been facing problem from a long time.

Fially, all the pus was removed.

The chazalion usually swells within around four days, becoming red and rubbery but painless.Doctors advise holding a hot wet flannel on the affected area for five to ten minutes several times a day.You should also wash your eyelines with baby shampoo mixed with water.A chazalion incision is typically performed under general or local anesthetic.

Once removed, the leftover skin of the cyst usually goes away within a few days or weeks.

The pus has been popped out of the pimple but swelling is still there.