Guiness World Record’s Biggest Zit Ever

Dr. Pimple Popper may be the pimple popping queen of YouTube, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other quality pimple popping gems out there. In this video, viewers get to watch a massive zit explode right before your very eyes.

It starts off with a view of a shirtless man sitting with his back facing the camera. A woman wearing gloves comes into the picture and it looks like she will be the one doing all of the dirty work. At least she is prepared!

She has a scalpel and begins to cut the man’s golf ball sized zit. The woman squeezes the thing and the white contents starts to gush out of him like a volcano! She wipes it up right away and continues to squeeze out the gunk.

There are people in the background commenting on the event. It’s just so disgusting! After a couple of more squeezes, the white gunk begins to turn pink. The blood has mixed in. She does a pretty solid job getting all of the stuff out.

The pimple has reduced quite a bit and the man’s back is a lot flatter than it was before. However the squeezing isn’t done yet.

At one point she shoves her finger inside the hole! She uses scissors to make the cut bigger in order to take out EVERYTHING. After a while she’s finally done.