Dr Pimple Popper bursts a huge cyst

Dr Pimple Popper, aka Sandra Lee, is famous for her pimple-popping videos

The unnamed man has a sebaceous cyst between his nose and left eye

It gets cut into it and yellow-white goo starts to pour out from the opening

For those with the strongest stomachs, Dr Pimple Popper is back in action.

This time she can be seen squeezing out a huge cyst from the corner of someone’s eye in possibly her most repulsive video yet.

With the large, unsightly lump between his nose and his left eye growing bigger and wrecking his social life – the nervous man has decided to go under the knife.

The revolting footage, originally posted on her YouTube channel, begins with the skin between the patient’s right eye and nose already sliced open, and the softly spoken dermatologist, seeking to reassure him.

The sebaceous or epidermoid cyst is a benign growth commonly found in the skin and typically appears on the face or neck.
But to make things trickier it emerges that previous, botched operations have allowed the cyst to grow back – with the area even more inflamed.

‘I’m sorry this is in such a tough area,’ Dr Sandra Lee says, as she widens the cut above the eye with a small surgical hook and a pair of scissors.

‘Don’t hold your breath – breathe! That’s the most important thing for us.’
The patient indicates lack of breath isn’t going to be a problem. ‘I free dive,’ he mumbles.

Dr Pimple Popper covers his eye with a pad ‘in case it squeezes out’.

‘I see it – it’s right there but it’s stuck to it. It’s not open,’ she says.

She adds: ‘It’s almost like it’s so pristine and pretty that I don’t want to puncture it.’

Then things take a turn for the worse as the doctor begins to gently squeeze the lump.

Its shocking size becomes apparent as it moves around under the patient’s skin near the corner of his eye.
Next she takes a scalpel and cuts through the membrane containing the cyst and thick yellow-white material starts to ooze out, ominously.

And then with the words: ‘One little squeeze,’ she applies pressure with two fingers and a shocking, worm-like trail of cyst gunk pops out.

The pasty contents are mostly composed of old wet skin cells which create the ‘cheesy’ consistency, and are usually foul smelling.

‘I bet you could feel that pressure release actually,’ she says, seeking to reassure the patient.

But there’s still round two. Another squeeze, and inches more of an even thicker trail of white goo, spirals out.

‘We’ve definitely just deflated it, so now carefully we’re going to try and tease the rest of it out.

She calls for more local anaesthetic to be injected into the area by an assistant as she prods the area with forceps.

‘It got inflamed before and it grew back pretty big.

‘It’s really obscured your vision, so it’s cramping your style in other words,’ she says.

She continues to pull with tweezers. ‘We pulled out the top of it, but I want to get out the whole sack intact,’ she adds.

The complete removal of the lump including the entire cyst sac and contents is necessary to ensure that it doesn’t grow back.

As the delicate task of removing the remainder of the cyst continues, the patient explains how he picked Dr Pimple Popper to carry out the procedure having seen her gruesome operations on the internet.

‘We almost have the whole thing,’ she declared. Then she comes across some harder parts – ‘calcified edges’. These are tugged out, too.

Dr Pimple Popper suggests her handwork will be ‘life-changing for her patient’. And he agrees.
‘My family is going to be much happier,’ he says. ‘Every time I see my grandma she says: “When are you going to get that removed”‘
‘I can’t wait for your mum to see you,’ the medic replies. ‘You’re a regular two eye guy now. They say that they call them third eye blind.’

She continues to check that all of the cyst has been removed. ‘After all this work I would hate if it came back,’ she says.

Finally, happy that all of the cyst has been removed, she begins stitching up the wound.

For viewers thinking the horrid fascination is over, she has one more treat in store.

She reaches over for the pad on which the cyst material has been placed and shows the patient the blooded material that she’s just removed.